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    why am i addicted to credit card ?

    –a mid-aged man tell you his story

    Today I am going to recommend a safe credit loan app for everyone, i.e. YeLo.

    Internet loan information is confusing, and YeLo is unique because it integrates various loan information, achieves good integration and apply credit card online. But before I introduce this application, I have something to say.

    Yelo app is an application from any user can apply for credit card, instant cash loan.
    There is a question that, why do you want to use a credit card?
    Because you are not as rich as a landlord.

    My story

    I applied for my first credit card in 2013. At that time I was retired more than 3 years. The
    only reason I did this is my marrying daughter and I did not have the money to arrange her marriage. I was very upset. Later, my colleague reminded me that I can do through marriage loan, which is better than selling my house .


    so I called bank’s in next day, their customer executive was on phone with me, telling me
    why I should Choose marriage loan, it is best and all. I became so confused and so much
    troubled with terms like reward points and fees. I hung up on them.

    I thought I would do everything, I wouldn’t have to sell my house but it seemed all
    difficult. Then I found out Yelo Credit Card App. I can only say that this is not the Best Credit Cards App of this year but the most useful ones. An App which provides every
    information related to cards in a simple banner and I got card which provides me more
    Credit money and comes with less bank charges ,most suitable for the situation I faced.

    And all my all problem solved. Now, I could arrange my daughter’d marriage without any
    tension, because the most headache — money problem solved.

    YeLo app is highlighted every information related to cards in a simple manner. I was able to choose which Credit card I want, see all the offers on it, how much fees and interest rate
    they charge after the interest-free period. And which card should you choose for your
    situation. It was very easy,full of so much instructions. I applied for a Credit card in just 1
    hour it is received by the bank side. which saved a lot of hesitation time.


    Credit Cards is an Opportunity for the Poor

    Writing this article has been under my consideration that you might think it is an
    advertisement for banks and YeLo credit card app. It is 100% true. In fact, most people have not yet formed a mature financial management concept, which is indeed worse than foreign countries. Among my friends, very few people make forms for financial debt. I have never studied in a finance university, I was just pushed by life.

    They reason why I have such huge changes, I found that people who is familiar with credit
    cards have different financial logic than normal people, which has affected my view of
    finance: money is a number and also a resource. I understood that between pure
    consumptionlism is totally different from using money in a right way.

    You are just a beginner when you use credit card as a consuming card. The key point is to
    recognize that credit cards is an opportunity for the poor. People who don't borrow money actually have obstacles in doing things (of course, people who abusing money has more obstacles in doing things).

    When you always borrow money, you can build
    relationships with the bank.

    Most people in India are not Tier 1. Their deposits are also very limited. Especially those
    who have just graduated or even in college are a bit awkward. The savings of your parents
    are not yours. It can be said accurately that they have their own account and your name is
    not there. Your only relation with the bank is your poor salary or part-time wages.

    There is not enough relationship (time or intensity) with the bank, it is difficult for ordinary
    people to borrow money from the bank.


    A friend I know from last 2 years, worked in light retails filed, owning a small shop for 3
    years and it was closed finally. Then he joined a company, after three to five years of work,
    he applied for his cash loan online in 2012.In 2016, his credit money was still ₹50,000.

    In totally 12 years he just have ₹50,000 relation with the bank! He wanted to make Best Small Business Credit Cards, other banks the bank rejected him because his credit
    score is low. No saving, no social security and contracts, even no credit card. Proof of asset
    repayment ability proves that his social credit is very low. What he did before was in vain. In society, people have accumulated four things: experience, interpersonal relationships,
    economic gains, and social credit.

    Last suggestion

    Maybe you don’t want to borrow money, but sometimes life pushes you to take a step.
    And, sometimes chances come but you don’t have such social credit to size the chance, that is so pitiful.

    If you are willing to find out, you can check credit card information of Yelo. If you
    think download an app wastes time, you can also visit the simple web version of YeLo
    and check All Credit Card Offers of the year.

    Even you are hesitated to apply for a credit card, cash loan home credit or not, you can
    quickly check the credit information of each bank there, and so many free financial
    suggestions are there , cash loan, personal loans ,business card offers also available on it.


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